Cyworld is the one that provided 'My Own miniHome'

When only special people own their own homepage,
Cyworld is the one that provided ‘My Own miniHome’ to us through easy and convenient service and helped us to send greeting messages to friends by sharing pictures and videos.

With a slogan of ‘Chummy People’, netizens were able to easily update videos and postings through Cyworld’s miniHome, which is the Korea’s largest social network service. Also, the users were able to express their unique personality through Mini Room, Mini Me, and skin so it became the No. 1 representative media service with 36 million users in Korea.

Cyworld is providing a sensual and fresh service that tailored to the needs of netizens through;
Chummy World, that leads the community involvement on line,
Mobile Cyworld, where you can enjoy Cyworld on your phone anywhere and anytime,
Cyworld Music, where communication through sales of 400 billion background song and
digital music awards is created, Cyworld App Store, where you can enjoy social game with Cy, And ‘miniHome Search’ based on social network. cyworld image


This is a compound word of ‘small=mini‘ and ‘home’ and this is No 1 media in Korea where people can easily make and update their homepage. Now, miniHome is available through Smartphone and TV.


This is the relationship concept for families and you add your on-line friends as My Cyworld Friends. You can create a unique ‘Cy name’ when becoming a Cy and may share a post or picture with your Cys. You may share a variety of services with your Cys including ‘Cy comment, Cy surf riding, birthday reminder, and secret visitor’s book’.


You need other party’s approval to be a Cy, however, you do not need an approval to be a fan of someone. You may become a fan of your favorite celebrity, someone you want to be or someone who posts good pictures and receive news.


Acorn is Korea’s representative cyber money, which you can purchase various digital items at Cyworld, including Mini Me, music, skin and fonts.


App Store is the Korea’s representative social game (SNG0 platform that launched in late September 2009. This is ‘SNS open market’, where Cyworld users may use various apps created by external development firms or individual developers and the developers may receive an honor along with advertising revenue and item sales revenue. The characteristics of SNS offer a fun of playing against your Cy and enjoy the competition and sharing simple messages during game.